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Chinese game publisher WhisperGames attending Gamescom 2017, dedicated to helping global developers and publishers expanding Chinese market.

08.11.17, 08:00h

August 21st, 2017 - Chinese game publisher, co-publisher, and localization company WhisperGames is proud to announce that it will be attending Gamescom 2017 from August 22nd through the 26th, demoing two titles, The Shape of Heart and Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, at Stand A037a in Hall 10.1.

Founded in mid-2015, WhisperGames is dedicated to helping bridge the gap between global developers and gamers inside the expanding Chinese market. With an estimated 15 million registered users and growing, Steam is rapidly becoming the distribution platform of choice for Chinese PC gamers - and as global interest builds, localization professionals like WhisperGames are leading the way with top-shelf localizations and multi-channel promotional campaigns that speak directly to the modern Chinese gamer. WhisperGames offers a turnkey co-publishing solution for publishers looking to build a Steam presence in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese - providing comprehensive localization, community management, and promotion services for titles that run the gamut from AAA games like Kalypso Media's Sudden Strike 4 (now available with full Mandarin voiceovers) to indie hits like Out There: Ω Edition, CrossCode, and many more - including Punch Punk Games' stylish point-and-click adventure Apocalipsis, which is expected to debut in Q3 2017.

While WhisperGames is focused on bringing global PC titles to the Chinese-speaking market through confident, consistent, and comprehensive localization services, they also offer the same level of service for iOS, Xbox One, and PS4 titles. Along those same lines, WhisperGames is building a name for itself by publishing releases from developers from inside China, bringing innovative titles like The Shape of Heart to a global audience.

The Shape of Heart, developed by Shanghai-based developer Dragon Whisper Games, is an episodic adventure game about coming of age as a gamer, and the choices we make along the way. Skillfully blending humor, gaming history, and drama, The Shape of Heart lets players explore a changing world with a unique hand-drawn style that uses fluid physics to illuminate new paths. With a range of memorable characters and challenging minigames to master, The Shape of Heart pushes the genre to new and innovative heights. Currently available on Steam in Early Access, its Episode 3 plans to release in 2018 Q3, WhisperGames is eager to bring the universal themes of The Shape of Heart to players and industry professionals at Gamescom. Learn more about The Shape of Heart at its Steam Early Access page here.

Set in ancient China during the reign of 7th and 8th century Empress Wu Zetian, Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders puts players in the role of the legendary detective Di Renjie as he investigates a series of grisly murders at the heart of the Tang Dynasty. After successful Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns in 2015, Montreal-based developers Nupixo Games have been hard at work polishing Detective Di to perfection - and the WhisperGames team is eager to bring this pixel-art adventure, inspired by classics like Gabriel Knight and The Longest Journey, to the global Chinese audience. Learn more about Detective Di at Nupixo's Kickstarter page and official site.

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