Accreditation closed

Please keep in mind that we will not be able to process any more requests for advance accreditation as from 8th August 2017. You can of course also receive accreditation after the pre-accreditation period has expired at the following spots .

Please have your valid press card and/or editorial assignment ready. Unfortunately representatives of online media/podcast sites as well as members of the Youth Press cannot get accredited on site.

Due to the regulations regarding the protection of minors, we request that all media representatives wear a wristband corresponding to their age category (according to USK regulation). The wristbands will be available at the entrance to the trade fair.

The accreditation of journalists for the purpose of reporting on Koelnmesse GmbH events is governed by Koelnmesse GmbH’s General Accreditation Guidelines , described below. We request all media representatives to observe these guidelines and seek accreditation in good time prior to the trade fair. Accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of journalistic reporting.

General information:

  • please note that because of the numerous enquiries and checks, delays may occur in sending out press passes. We shall endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Owing to the large number enquiries it is not possible to deal with individual queries.
  • The press pass is not valid for travel (VRR/ VRS/ KVB) to the event venue. The parking permit that comes with the accreditation cannot be converted into a travel ticket.
  • Everyone must apply for accreditation individually via our online tool; collective enquiries cannot be entertained.
  • Accreditation of online media of any description and youth- or school press is unfortunately not possible in situ, namely at gamescom, owing to the extent of the checks involved.

Many questions - hopefully the appropriate answer

We would like to help you observe and satisfy the accreditation guidelines. Please follow the links relevant to you and check whether your medium/ your occupation comply with the relevant guidelines required for the issuing of a press pass.

Do you possess a valid press pass recognised by Koelnmesse GmbH (e.g. DJV, DPV, DFJV)?

Then use our online accreditation form. Please use our online tool to upload the scanned image of your press pass for validation.

You will receive your accreditation with the parking permit for the press parking spots as a PDF for printing. Only press tickets printed in high quality can be read by the scanners at the entrance. Please then cut out your press pass. You will receive a catalogue and lanyard at the signposted accreditation counters and in Press Centre North.

Do you possess a press pass not recognised by Koelnmesse GmbH (e.g. DVPJ, GNS, European News Agency)?

Unfortunately we are unable to accredit you based on a press pass not recognised by Koelnmesse GmbH. You are however welcome to use one of the other validation options. You will find additional information on accreditation conditions and options under the heading “You do not possess a valid press pass”.

  • Are you able to produce a current article (not more than 6 months old) on a topic related to gamescom or are you identified as an author/editor in the masthead of a relevant publication? Feel free to send it to us.
  • You have an official editorial assignment. The requirement here is that the assignment is from an in-house editorial team with a topic related to gamescom (not an agency/editorial office,production company etc.) on official letter-headed paper and is signed by the editor in chief or his deputy.
  • The publications will also be assessed for “quality” and “quantity”. Information on your medium's reach will also be useful in checking your accreditation application. So please forward this information as well.
  • Are you employed in the marketing / sales field? We are unfortunately unable to issue you with accreditation. Accreditation is for the purpose of reporting on Koelnmesse GmbH events and is governed by Koelnmesse GmbH’s General Accreditation Guidelines. We would be delighted to welcome you to gamescom as a trade visitor. You can purchase tickets in the Ticket Shop.

The proof required for accreditation can be attached as a PDF in the online accreditation form. All accreditation applications are to submitted exclusively via the online accreditation.

  • To issue you with a press pass we require your youth press pass and which medium you work in. Important point to note: here too we check the medium's reach and topicality.
  • School press: yes we also give accreditation to school press representatives. However, owing to the number of enquiries we issue accreditation to only one press representative per school /school newspaper. Ask your teacher to get in touch with us so he or she can confirm your involvement as an editor on the school newspaper.
  • Important: youth and school press representatives will only be admitted to the business area against production of a confirmed invitation from a exhibitor.

General information for YouTubers/Let’s Players

We work with numerous large networks in which some of you are organised (incl. Studio71, Mediakraft etc.). These networks receive an allocation of accreditations from us, based on their realistic requirements and in accordance with Koelnmesse's General Accreditation Guidelines. So if you are organised within a large network, please enquire there initially. Before gamescom commences, we receive a list of the people to be accredited from the networks. But: as written above numbers are limited and the channel's content has to be relevant to gamescom.

There are of course other ways of obtaining accreditation, including for editors who are not organised within large networks.

Accreditation will be determined by the following criteria:

  • In general terms: is the website fed regularly with high quality content covering news, articles and tests? How big is the reach?
  • Editors of gaming blogs, forums and podcast pages: do you appear here as editors or can you be identified as editors in a position of authority?
  • Proprietors of YouTube and twitch channels with more than a certain number of subscribers can be accredited if their subject matter is relevant to gamescom.
  • The channels' context and topicality also plays a role in accreditation (reach and subscribers are not always the critical criteria).
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of authorised individuals per medium (depending on number of online visits, size of the medium etc.).
  • Important: accreditation of online media of any description is unfortunately not possible in situ, namely at gamescom, owing to the extent of the checks involved (see above). Please use the not quite four months remaining during which the online tool is available to you.
  • Editors of websites undergoing reconstruction (or offline) will not be accredited.

The proof required for accreditation can be attached as a PDF in the online accreditation form. All accreditation applications are to submitted exclusively via the online accreditation.

And finally: on our own behalf

We do our utmost to process the numerous enquiries we receive promptly. Despite that: given the Koelnmesse GmbH General Accreditation Guidelines, a high proportion of queries require enhanced checks. We ask for your understanding both in this matter and for the fact that it sometimes takes a little while and also, again because of the existing guidelines, that some accreditation requests have to be rejected.