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Cologne celebrates the gamescom

gamescom weekend, which will attract thousands of visitors every day. The music fans can look forward to a stage programme with nationally and internationally well-known artists at Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz and the Hohenzollernring.

All acts you can expect in 2017:

Hohenzollernring Stage

Her single entitled "No Roots" developed into a success in only a few weeks and occupied the number 1 spot on the Spotify Global Viral Charts, the Hype Machine Charts, and reached more than 1.8 million streams. With the now published EP, Alice Merton presents more musical sides of her creative oeuvre, and is in this way also winning many fans in Germany directly following release: number 14 on the iTunes album charts (EP) and number 26 of the iTunes singles charts are proof of this! In November 2016 it also won the "Jugend kulturell Förderpreis" (Youth prize for cultural promotion) of the Hypo Vereinsbank and will even be playing a session at the BBC in March of this year!

The Bremen-born keyboarder Raphael Schalz and the Berlin-born singer Jen Bender met in 2003 and decided to collaborate musically. A short time later, drummer Chriz Falk joined the duo and thus completed the band named Grossstadtgeflüster. The debut album with the title 'Muss laut Sein' appeared in 2006. The subsequent spectacular live shows didn't take place, as is usually the case, in the clubs of the republic, but instead at snack bar stands. Grossstadtgeflüster may be the only band in Germany that can identify every snack bar between Flensburg and Munich while blindfolded by the flavour of the ketchup. The band repeatedly reinvented itself with their subsequent albums and irritated some fans in the process. Their sold-out shows, relocated from the snack bars to trendy German clubs, are, however, proof enough that they have been able to gather a loyal fan following around them with this concept and their sound located between electro, pop and punk, with texts moving between love, sex and personal freedom.

2018 is going to be a big year for the DONOTS: While reactivating their label SOLITARY MAN RECORDS, they worked secretly on new songs in their old studio. As a first sign, they announced an extensive tour beginning early next year.

Working for over 22 years with full vigor and DIY-work ethos on punk rock, sport guitar, positive messages, down-to-earth mentality and development and yet still coming up with fresh ideas for their shows and still knowing how to improve with every album, they definetely deserved many appreciative pats on the back.

But the fact that the DONOTS, founded in Ibbenbüren had been giving the opportunity to play their biggest gigs of their career, is not the result of their reputation as one of the best Live-Bands of this galaxy. With their tenth studio album „Karacho“, the five Westphalians impressively managed the musical change from english vocals to german, as if they had never done anything else before.

Alex, Purgen, Eike, Guido and Ingo have therefore made themselves a present, taking a well-deserved break after their (approx.) 1000th concert in the sold-out concert hall „Münsterland“ in front of 6500 fans – after unresting tours throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S.

This time-out seems to be approaching the end, as it seems like the DONOTS have been working diligently on their now songs.

That being said, the DONOTS can be delighted to announce a great tournee for the beginning of the upcoming year.

2018 is going to bring even more surprises…

Dame, the artist from Salzburg, will make the formula for success heard that allowed him to rise up from being a street musician to a YouTube star. Meanwhile he has also conquered the charts in Austria and Germany.

For more than eight years now, Moop Mama have been combining the art of telling stories with a unique sound of horns, beats and rap: "Urban Brass". With this they have acquired the reputation of a true stage spectacle. Jan Delay, Deichkind, Fettes Brot – all fans. With "M.O.O.P.topia" they have finally found themselves as a band, and in their songs create a possible place of ideas and melodies. Last year they played a nearly sold out tour and really cleaned up at the big festivals like "Deichbrand Festival", "Highfield Open Air", "Chiemsee Summer" or "Frequency Festival".

The Cologne band has trumpeted into the hearts and mouths of fans with atmospheric pop music. The 15 members of the band inspire thousands of fans at sold out concerts and festival stages throughout North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond. Especially with the songs they have composed and produced themselves, which are celebrated not only during Carnival. Millions of clicks on Youtube, tens of thousands of Facebook fans and an audience that knows all the lyrics at live appearances were the reward for red and white striped catchy tunes. "Nie mehr Fastelovend" and "Tschingderassabum", then hits of recent Carnival years, landed at a phenomenal second and third place at the popular "Loss mer Singe" competition.

An extraordinary highlight is taking place on the stage at Hohenzollernring at the end of the gamescom week, namely the grand finale of the "Du bes Kölle" (You are Cologne) campaign of the AG Arsch Huh. On this day in question the focus of the campaign, which is predominantly about calling upon people to show democratic commitment and moral courage, is particularly to encourage people to go out and vote at the imminent parliamentary elections. In this way, numerous prominent artists from the Cologne culture scene will attract even more attention to the call to "Go and vote" with their music and verbal contributions. The following are on board: Arsch Huh Band, Jürgen Becker, Bläck Fööss, Brings, Buntes Herz, Cat Ballou, Fatih Çevikkollu, Björn Heuser, Höhner, Kasalla, Lamya Kaddor, Carolin Kebekus, Aladin El-Mafaalani, Franz Meurer, Hermann Rheindorf, Shary Reeves, Wilfried Schmickler, Purple Schulz, Biggi Wanninger / Ozan Akhan and Jürgen Zeltinger.

porta Stage, Rudolfplatz

Magical Creatures is a singer/songwriter duo consisting of former „The Voice“-candidate Vlada Vesna and multi-instrumentalist Nils Weber. Where they have been solo, now they are trying to bring their music to the people with united forces. Thus, waiting for their first album won’t take long. The preference for emotional songs is also reflected in their setlist, which consists of covers and self-compositions.

In the meantime the band is one of the most in demand music groups in the Rhineland that sings with a Cologne dialect, and plays at the Cologne Carnival, at its own concerts and at many other events on far more than 350 stages each year. Cat Ballou is also once again on tour in Germany in 2017. Founded in 1999, the four guys can now look back on 17 years of band history. The band had its big breakthrough with the Cologne hymn "ET JITT KEI WOOD", which was released in 2012. However, "HÜCK STEIHT DE WELT STILL", "DIE STÄÄNE STONN JOOT" and "IMMER IMMER WIDDER" have also long since developed into catchy tunes. At the end of last year, the band brought its latest hit onto the market with the rapper "Mo-Torres" and the football world champion and local patriot Lukas Podolski. LIEBE DEINE STADT hit like a bomb for Cologne residents and climbed into the top 10 of the trend charts in the blink of an eye.

Cologne's most athletic DJ Team once again takes over the entire Rudolfplatz! Those who have been there in the last three years know what happens! The hard-hitting action birds of paradise really don't miss anything and take even the last computer freak by the hand, to introduce him into the perfect world of good atmosphere!!! Long live sports!

On Saturday, the programme on the porta Stage kicks off with the Cologne band 5vor12 with their captivating indie pop music.

Against the background of the diverse offer of street food around Rudolfplatz, the famous poetry slammers "Reim in Flammen" (Rhyme in Flames) will grapple with the motto "Think global, eat local," and battle it out in the search for the best text. In concrete terms, this theme deals with sustainability and supporting regional markets in the production of food. The slammers will however make sure that the entertainment factor also plays a major role in the contest.

The Poetry-Slammers "Reim in Flammen" will additionally be supported by the musician Elias. Elias was already equally impressive as the support band for The Fray, Jake Bugge or Newton Faulkner and during his performances in the pedestrian zones.

Against the background of the diverse offer of street food around Rudolfplatz, the famous poetry slammers "Reim in Flammen" (Rhyme in Flames) will grapple with the motto "Think global, eat local," and battle it out in the search for the best text. In concrete terms, this theme deals with sustainability and supporting regional markets in the production of food. The slammers will however make sure that the entertainment factor also plays a major role in the contest.

The singer Stefan Knittler gets the crowd singing along to his Cologne pop melodies

Sound of Games, global market leader in premium games with over 250 million listeners worldwide, is known for soundtrack-hymns like Clash of Clans, Star Trek and Total War. At gamesocm city festival, both Michael Stöckemann and Filipp Issa, creator of said compositions will perform their DJ-Live Set, charakterized by elements from over four decades of game soundtrack. Enjoy an entertaining and animating program that invites you to join in. Fun factor guaranteed!

The porta Stage can experience Linus and his legendary talent audition once again. Prior to his last appearance at the Tanzbrunnen, Linus will offer several young talents the opportunity to present themselves to a larger audience. The fans of the talent audition are well familiar with the fact that as well as providing musical entertainment, some of the performances are also very amusing.

On Sunday evening Guildo Horn will spellbound the crowd in front of the porta Stage with orthopaedic stockings and his musical mass therapy. One glance through the horn-rimmed glasses and one is ready to believe that the way he travels through his crazy world is absolutely authentic. The master's show is absolutely captivating as well as demonstrating a high musical level.

Offers for several days

In addition to the stages at Hohenzollernring and Rudolfplatz on Saturday and Sunday, SUPER RTL is also organising a fantastic stage show, first-class live acts (Feuerherz, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Germain Shull) and interactive TV at Cologne’s Neumarkt and will give children the chance to explore the 3,000 m² of tour grounds, meet their favourite TV stars and experience great bands, live. And all of this for free! On Saturday Jamie-Lee Kriewitz & Germain Shull will be performing there and on Sunday additionally Feuerherz.

Whether meat or fish, vegan or vegetarian, sweet or sour: Even fans of sophisticated street food cuisine will not only be able to find their favourite dishes at the over 30 stands at Rudolfplatz and Hohenzollernring during the three festival days, but also a few new creations.

At the same time, in cooperation with the Früh brewery and Red Bull at one of the largest street food markets in Cologne a wide selection of products will be available to make sure that nobody goes thirsty. In addition to the classic Red Bull Energy drink, the range of beverages also includes Simply Cola by Red Bull, the ingredients of which are made out of 100% natural products.

Thanks to the repeated commitment of the cooperation partners and sponsors, the gamescom city festival offers a spectrum of information and entertainment contributions once again this year, which stretch far beyond musical and culinary offerings. For example, on the theme of "Mobility" smart is inviting everyone to climb on board at Hohenzollernring: One can get to know the city speedsters over the three days of the festival in an uncomplicated process by taking one out for a spontaneous test drive - whether the two-seater, four-seater or the convertible. Under the motto, "Hot Hot Summer", the smart models will be gearing up everyone, who wants to rediscover urban mobility. With a bit of luck, people who take part in the test drive event might even win twice: On top of the lasting driving impression, attractive prizes are up for grabs in the accompanying prize drawn.

Sponsors and supporters

A festival in the magnitude of the gamescom city festival that presents its programme offer to the visitors free of charge is inconceivable without cooperation partners and sponsors.

First and foremost, the long-standing cooperation partners, the City of Cologne and Koelnmesse GmbH, should be mentioned here. Although they are the two main guarantors of the festival, its diverse programme wouldn't be possible without the additional commitment of further partners. Super RTL has also been on board for many years with its TOGGO Tour as well as the Früh brewery and Red Bull.

For the first time this year, the furniture store, porta Möbel, will be providing exciting entertainment and musical fun. Represented by the three large furniture stores in Bornheim, Frechen and Cologne Porz-Lind, the company is the top dog for furnishing ideas in Rhineland. The diversity of furniture dreams that porta presents its customers with in its stores, is also reflected on the big porta Stage at Rudolfplatz. "The wide product range of porta Möbel is just as multi-faceted as the acts on our porta Stage. That is why we are glad to support the gamescom city festival," explained Krisha Buchholz, Managing Director Sales at porta-West.

And when it comes down to designing this year's stage programme, further cooperation partners and supporters have to be mentioned: First of all, the AG Arsch Huh, who are responsible for the programme item "Wähle jon", supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The environmental office of the City of Cologne and the Cologne Nutrition Council are also making sure that as well as the culinary offer, there is also plenty of food for thought.

The automobile brand, smart, is also celebrating its premiere at the gamescom city festival as a programme provider. Following good tradition, it will be securing the festival an attractive new angle on the theme "Mobility" in the form of its presentation and offer of test drive vehicles.