family & friends 2018


gamescom especially has something to offer the youngest visitors. In our "family & friends" section in hall 10.2, families with children have the possibility to take a timeout from the turbulent happenings of the trade fair in a relaxed and child-friendly atmosphere.

You think table tennis is boring? Then you could visit us and take your chance at HEADIS. Table tennis with your head might have look weird, but all new and good things look weird at the beginning. That’s one of life’s secrets. HEADIS is fun and at the time healthy, for free and good for your soul.

The "Evangelische Jugend" (Protestant Youth) in Cologne and the surrounding region move both you and gamescom. You have the chance to challenge each other in exciting kicker matches and burn off energy on the Bungee-Run, moreover you can test your sensitiveness by playing table soccer. At the same time you get to know some of the volunteers. On top of that, you can test your coordination skills on our daffy boards or recover from a stressful trade fair day in our chill-out corner.

The popular special exhibition „retro gaming“ is bigger and more diverse than ever. On 1600 square meters and three adjacent stands, about 50 collector, developer, musicians and associations celebrate the history and culture of video games. More than 200 consoles, handhelds and arcade machines from over four decades, which are all ready-to-play, visualize the development of digital pastime.

Lectures, interviews, readings, music shows and presentations on the subject of retro are offer on a stage.

The main emphasis amongst other things are on the zelda-exhibit, Pokémon-theme based consoles, Star-Trek games, 30 years of “Final Fantasy” – 20 years of “Final Fantasy VII, four centuries calculators and Poly-Play, the only arcade machine in the GDR.

There are legendary exhibitors as well as the origin team of Factor 5 including Chris Huelsbeck, Jon Hare, the founder of Sensible Software, Hewson Consultants, amiga-legend Petro Tyschtschenko or musicians like Blue Metal Rose, Double Score Dungeon, Endgegner, Hans Hisacore, Klirre, Melted Moon, Myuu, Patrick Nevian, Sajuuk, Toriyuca Arts, Tronimal or Vault Kid.

gamescom is once again looking after the little visitors of gamescom in Cologne. Lady childminders are on hand for the children and offer handicrafts, paint and play. While the tots can play, rest or let off steam of the bouncy castle, the older children have their faces professionally paint or can test their skills at the game console.

At gamescom you have the chance to take part in the different skate workshops. In the process you can not only acquire knowledge and tricks from the pros, but also directly implement what you have learned in practice under their instruction. So come on by, try things out, participate!

The road safety organisation Verkehrswacht present an interesting range of activities at Gamescom hall 10. The visitors can check their capacitiy of reaction in a drive simulator. How to get out of one’s car after it turned over, can learn at the somersault simulator. There have been a bicycle course for the grown-ups and pedal cars for children. You could also check your eyesight. Furthermore the staff of the Verkehrswacht offer many information concerning road safety for all kinds of traffic participants. The range of activities are provide by Verkehrswacht Köln, Verkehrswacht Rheinisch-Bergischer-Kreis and Landesverkehrswacht NRW.