Cosplayer and costume builders – this is your chance!


Be your own hero – at gamescom 2016. Take on the hero role not only in video games but on this year’s gamescom stage. Whether you are a strong barbarian, elegant elf, comic super hero or mystical faun creature – at the official gamescom cosplay contest ’16 powered by Defcon Unlimited in the cosplay village you can celebrate yourself and show everyone what you can do. Different category prizes give everybody the chance to shine with their costume. There are valuable prizes waiting for you which will make each and every gamer and costume-making heart beat faster.

When do the contest is taking place?
gamescom Sunday, 21.08.2016

When is the closing date for applications?
The closing date is the 24.07.2016

Will there be a preselection?
Unfortunately we can only have 30 solo and 5 group participants in the contest. Therefore the jury will have to do a preselection if we receive more than 30/5 applications. On 1st of August at the latest we will inform you whether you are participating or not.

How can I enter?
We need the following data from you:

  • A picture of you (not in costume)
  • A picture/reference/model/drawing of your costume
  • A questionnaire (solo/group), which you can find down below
  • Your song for the stage. Please send us a complete song and tell us your preferred 30 seconds.

Please send us all the data we need, otherwise your application is not valid!


  • Pictures of you in your finished costumes if existing
  • Work in Progress pictures of your costumes if existing

Please copy these into your application e-mail.


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Phone number:
  • E-mail:
  • FB cosplay page (if existing):
  • Costume/Character:
  • From following game/book/movie:
  • Questions/notes (optional):


  • Names of all contestants:
  • Ages of all contestants:
  • Phone number of one contestant available during the event:
  • E-mail:
  • FB cosplay page (if existing)
  • Costume/Character:
  • From following game/book/movie:
  • Questions/notes (optional):

What are the qualifications to enter the contest?
The contest is only open to guests of gamescom 2016 who purchased a valid entry ticket. The costume must be handmade by you but little parts can also be bought. Professional cosplayers (cosplayers who earn a living by cosplaying) are not allowed to enter the contest.

The following categories will be rewarded:

“best cosplay” - the costume with the best overall ranking
“best dress” - best fabric work (sewing, embroidery)
“best armour/weapon” - best armour/armour part or weapon
„best SFX“ - best work with special effects like lighting, stelts, wings, construction, make up, etc.
“best original design” - best design of an original character
„best group“ - best cosplay group

You will not compete solely in one category as each costume is eligible to win „best in show“. Thus please don’t apply for one category. Excluded by this are group contestants which have to apply for the category „best group“ and can not win „best cosplay“.

The main prize (best cosplay) will be a trip The main prize is to be announced shortly! We don’t want to spoil to much but it will be a fantastic trip!

The jury consists of professionals and representatives from their respective industries, namely costume crafting, effects makeup, design etc.