gamescom award

The application phase for the gamescom award, the most coveted prize of the European games industry, starts on 3 July 2017.. The international jury of experts will then select the nominated products and games. The winners of the gamescom award 2017 will be announced on the social media stage of gamescom on Thursday, 24 August 2017. Last year the open world role-playing game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" from Nintendo was awarded the title "Best of gamescom".

Here are the prize categories of the gamescom award 2017:

A. category group: gamescom global awards
gamescom award for Best Add-on/DLC
gamescom award for Best Preview/Vision
gamescom award for Best Booth

B. category group: Platform
Best Console Game Sony Playstation 4
Best Console Game Microsoft Xbox One
Best Console Game Nintendo Switch
Best PC Game
Best Mobile Game

C. category group: Genre
Best Role Playing Game
Best Racing Game
Best Action Game
Best Simulation Game
Best Sports Game
Best Family Game
Best Strategy Game
Best Puzzle / Skill Game
Best Social / Online Game
Best Casual Game
Best Multiplayer Game
Best Virtual Reality Game
Best Hardware

D. category group: Indie award

E. category group: Consumer award

F. category group: Best of gamescom

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