gamescom city festival

Games, music and infotainment in high doses


Cologne celebrates the gamescom

gamescom weekend, which will attract thousands of visitors every day. The music fans can not only look forward to a stage programme with nationally and internationally well-known artists at Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz and the Hohenzollernring, the Apostelnplatz is an additional stage location this year.

The guests will not only be able to hear the most popular EURO 2016 hymn by Max Griesinger at the Festival, artists such as Joris and Wirtz will also contribute towards there being an intensive festival atmosphere on the Hohenzollernring again this year.

Virtual culture

However, as usual, not only the music fans can enjoy the festival atmosphere in Cologne's city centre over this weekend with free admission and hopefully good, storm-free weather.

Reload energy at the street food festival

Last year, a culinary trend called STREETFOOD followed the festival! "Colourful food from all over the world, freshly prepared directly on-site on the streets. Regardless of whether it’s meat or fish, vegan or vegetarian, sweet or sour, there is something for everyone." This is how this programme item was announced last year.

This announcement is being implemented again this year. But not only that: With over 40 suppliers the gamescom city festival is reaching a magnitude which with its wide spectrum of streetfood suppliers opens up to us the huge streetfood markets in our country in this segment too.

Game on

Of course, in addition to "music and food", games - the actual purpose of the festival - will also play a major role in the events. There will be plenty of corresponding offers again at the festival for all those, who also want to try out attractive games in addition to the numerous other offers.

Furthermore, Super RTL is also going to be present at Neumarkt at the weekend with their ToggoTour, which is especially popular with young families!

Max Giesinger can be heard on the Hohenzollernring stage. Besides '80 Millionen', his second album 'Der Junge, der rennt' has other great songs. Another highlight on the stage between Rudolfplatz and Friesenplatz: 'Joris', two-time Echo winner, presents smart and sophisticated melodies. He became known in 2015 with 'Herz über Kopf' and has been on the rise since then. 'Valentine Mér' also offers musical entertainment on the first day of the festival.

A top act on the festival Saturday is 'Nahko & Medicine For The People'. Following the concerts in January, which were already sold out in advance sale, Nahko Bear & Co. are now coming back to Germany and to the auf gamescom city festival for further shows. 'Abay' is also on the festival programme on 20 August.

Visitors can look forward to 'WIRTZ', among others, on the last day of the gamescom city festival. He has achieved great popularity through the television show 'Sing meinen Song' and as support for the major Udo Lindenberg tour.

'Sunset Sons' will inspire the public on Sunday. The four guys, three Brits and an Australian, have been playing together for three years now. In Germany there have been celebrated shows at the Hurricane, Southside und Reeperbahn Festivals. And this summer there is an extended festival tour.

Be prepared for surprise guests! We will reveal who will be there at the beginning of August!