gamescom indoor area 2016

Many events took place at the event level Funsport, action and chillout is the motto.

New events are updated here.


Lasergame, also known as laser tag, is a fun live gaming event that combines athleticism with tactical thinking. Every parameter can be set individually: playing time, life points, character classes, gadgets, etc. Nothing is impossible! Lasergame is an exciting, multi-faceted individual or team sport, but has nothing to do with military simulation. The sounds that the equipment makes are freely selectable and range from science fiction to animal sounds to realistic weapon sounds. Light effects such as muzzle flash and LED headbands help create an intensive gaming experience.

The position of lasergame 2016 will be published here soon.

We established RC DRIFT GAMES for one reason only. We want to present our fascinating sport full of control, competition, and fun and present it for a much larger audience than at events of individual clubs in their own tracks and halls. We searched and invited the best drivers to offer a perfect show, thus sharing this great experience with the whole world.
You will find RC Drift Games in hall 10.2!

RAZOR - gaming reel - statt virtuell
Razor, the Los Angeles-based maker of scooters and electric vehicles, stand for a driving experience with added coolness, made in California. The company was founded in the year 2000. Their first product was the legendary Kick Scooter, which quickly became an indispensable means of transport for many kids. Today, their product range comprises over 40 electric vehicles, scooters and casterboards, thrilling fun sport lovers of all ages in over 60 countries. Since 2014, the legendary Crazy Cart has been one of the top sellers worldwide. This year, the company presents its latest products, the Hovertrax, the RipStik Electric, and the Crazy Cart Shift, exclusively at Gamecom. They will be put in the spotlight in hall 10.02, where you will be able to experience classic games in real live instead of virtual reality.

The International German Casemod Championship (DCMM) celebrates its 15th anniversary in hall 10.2 and reveals how the world’s best case modder turn customary hardware into stunning artworks. Six teams show off their abilities at the 24h Live Modding Challenge to become a champion at this year’s DCMM. On the first three days of gamescom, all competitors will have eight hours per day – making a total of 24 hours – to create an individual and spectacular case mod out of standard bulk goods, right in front of the audience.

At gamescom’s weekend, every visitor is eligible to eyeball and vote to find out who will be awarded in the people choice category “most spectacular creation”, whilst a jury will elect all winners attending in the categories 24h live Modding, Casemod, Casecon and CE-Mod. The awarding ceremony will take place on Sunday at 4pm.

The creative designer from Frankfurt, Peter Schönwandt, creates "pixel pictures" of a special kind, because his colour elements are made up of the individual keys of old computers. All of the keys had a life before they became pictures. Faded by UV rays and worn down to different degrees they are silent contemporary witnesses with symbolic value. Countless pairs of hands have pushed, pressed and touched them in order to write programmes, assessments, messages, emails, important and trivial, permitted and forbidden things. The motifs of the pictures remind the onlooker of the time when computers were more analogue, more comprehensible and when one saw the pixels that the computer games were made out of.

You can find the pixel art in family&friends in Hall 10.2.